HIPMP: How I Pimped My Planner (2014 Edition)

HIPMP: How I Pimped My Planner (2014 Edition)

If you’re a notebook/planner/journal lover like me, finding the perfect planner feels like a “mission.” Bookstores, department stores, grocery stores (SM Hypermarket carries a few!) – I scouted them all fervently for a 2014 planner like a mom searching for her long-lost daughter. The pricier ones (P400 and above) were quickly dropped out of the race (for obvious reasons), as with cheaper ones that I found to be inconvenient to use (too small, cluttered layout, and my other personal biases). I even looked for printable planners online and have bought papers to have my choice printed. But at the last minute, as in today, I decided, why not just pimp a planner?

So I got one for P250. Pretty good deal, yes? This one’s notebook-sized, acid-free, and comes with an expandable inner pocket.


My sticker collection is still alive, waiting to be used again, so I thought it’s high time they serve their purpose in a major project.


I didn’t have a particular concept for the cover, but just to fill it with good vibes-inducing words and images. For stickers that had blank portions, I put my own quotes on them. Then using a gold gel pen (yearssssssss old but still working), I colored the 2014 inscription for more pizzazz. 😉


To liven up the bookmark, I tied a phone charm I got from a friend. A little addition that I think goes a long way in terms of adding personality to the planner.


Here it is, the final product, my labor of love!


I’m all giddy with the outcome. You don’t need to shell out your entire allowance to get a pretty planner because you can do the prettifying yourself! What’s even better is when you already have what you can use to accomplish this. 🙂


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